Winter Storage

Jan 2017

Reginald Lane, NC-E Chapter Educator


For some of us, winter is a time to retire the bike until Spring; for some it’s just time to put on more clothes when we do go on a ride. Nevertheless, if you are one that choose to park it for the winter and wait for your ideal temperature to roll back around, there are a few things you may want to consider.

  1. Change the oil: Operating the bike causes contaminates in the engine oil. To prevent those contaminates from wrecking havoc on your engine, replace the oil with some fresh oil. Oh and of course change the filter as well. Along with the oil, your bike may have a drive shaft, don’t forget that too should be changed.
  2. Fuel stabilizer: Same as with oil, gas is a petroleum product and adding a stabilizer to your tank could help prevent moisture and gunk from forming and settling in the fuel lines. Make sure you run it for a few minutes after adding to get in the lines and in the carburetor—if you happen to have one of those on your bike.
  3. Trickle charger: There is nothing like hearing from the weather man/woman “It’s going to be a nice day out folks” and you go out to jump on the bike at the beginning of the riding season only to realize your battery is dead.
  4. Bike stand: If you plan to have your bike in storage for an extended time, you may want to put it on a lift to keep the tires off the ground to help prevent flat spots on the tires. Also remember to check the tire pressure before you start riding the next season. More than likely the change in temperature will cause the pressure in the tires to decrease.
  5. Maintenance: This maybe a good time to get that needed service done, or the accessories added so you can have it looking nice at the beginning of the riding season.
  6. Wash and wax: Ensure to remove all or most of the road grime from your bike before putting it away for the season to help prevent rusting. You can also place a cover over it after it is all nice and clean.

After you have placed your bike in a hibernation state just sit back and watch the weather person for that first sign of Spring to get back out and enjoy some riding.




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