Braking Distance

Jun 2017

Reginald Lane, NC-E Chapter Educator


How many parts are there to total stopping distance you ask? You mean you don't just stop???? Is there more to it than just that? Hmmm.... believe it or not, there are 3 parts to total stopping distance. What are these 3 parts you may ask.




And of course everyone's perception is different. What you may see as a hazard, someone else may not see as a hazard and it is based on life experiences and skill level. Basically recognizing if there is a hazard and a need to do something about it. "Is there a reason to brake"? "Is there a reason to swerve"? The "what if" plays a big role in the perception process.


By definition: A person's ability to respond physically and mentally to external stimuli.

In other words, to put into motion the act of applying the brakes on your bike. And once again this varies from person to person. Some factors are: Age, skill level, mental state, and position of hands and feet at that crucial moment.Click here for a video "reaction time" exercise similar to the one used during the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course (MSF BRC)



Yes actually braking, the part most people only thought existed. This is the application of the brakes, and I mean both brakes. They are only as good as the mechanics of your bike and your skill level. The good news is if either is not at 100%, it can be improved. So, maintenance on your bike and practicing your braking skill are very important.

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